Residential Erosion Control




Retaining Walls :: Lake Barriers :: Ground Covers

The environment we call home can be one of the most challenging in the Nation. Swiftly building rain waters that cause surges and floods, underground water supplies that challenge the foundation of home and property, beautiful Lakes that seem to have a desire to reclaim some of the land that surrounds them. These are just a few of the challenges. When you add County, City, Damn Authorities and the Corp of Engineers to the mix, erosion control can quickly become an extremely costly problem.

Environmental Lawn, Landscape, and Sod has experience in addressing each unique erosion control issue, from the massive Sea Walls required at Grand Lake, and many of the other Lakes, that hold the land while maintaining the required Lake Displacement Standards of the Authorities to, simple soil rErosionetention systems that allow ground covers and grass to take root and naturally solve the problem. Our experts can address the issues and prescribe a solution that is cost effective, in most cases.

When it comes to simplifying a process that can seem like a bureaucratic nightmare, our Team becomes your Team.